Wooden Chair

Building a wooden chair is going to be a great addition to your house, no matter if it’s outside or inside.  Two of the most commonly built chairs made out of wood are Adirondack, and rocking chairs.  They also happen to be the most expensive.  For this reason, many do it yourselfers like to build their own.  Along with the money savings, you can also have the satisfaction of using something that you yourself created.

Plan it first

The most commonly built chair for outside use is called an Adirondack chair.  You’re most likely familiar with their design, even if you have not heard the name before.  These chairs have a low back end, and then slope up to where your legs rest.  This allows you to lean back, the chair almost sculpted to your body.  Because of the angles that these styles have, many people associate these chairs with a high build difficulty.  However, this really couldn’t be further from the truth.  All you need is a good set of chair plans, and building one is a snap.

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There are no special cuts you need to make when constructing these chairs, everything is pretty straight forward.  You don’t even need that much wood to make one, thus making the project an inexpensive one.  All you need is some basic power tools, and very little knowledge of woodworking.  Don’t be discouraged, the chairs look a lot more complicated than they really are.

One of the harder styles to build is a rocking chair.  These are typically made out of wood and situated somewhere inside your house.  There are of course exceptions like the lawn rocker which is made out of fabric and metal, and is for outside use.  However, for the most part, rocking chairs are made out of quality woods such as oak or walnut.  Because of the high quality of wood used, these chairs are also pretty expensive to build.  Properly constructed rockers should have intricately designed backings and supports which need to be carved by hand.  Many people don’t even follow build plans, they design them themselves.  For this reason, it’s recommended that only expert woodworkers attempt to build one of these.

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Chairs come in all different shapes, sizes, and purposes.  Picking out the right style and building it yourself can save you, the consumer lots of money.  With the proper assembly and maintenance over the years, you too can have a high quality and long lasting piece of furniture for years to come.